WAV file support in v2.63 ?

Hi Florian

Thanks for creating the best ever tag editor on the planet !

But as already have discussed a millions times before and one question still remains the same:
Will you please add WAV file support on your next update ?

PS. No, I dont really like using Tag&Rename!


This has been requested before: /t/6724/1 ... probably more times than that, actually.

Tagging (in the way we think of it) is not standardized in WAVs or AIFFs. Every audio app that reads or writes tags to these types of files have their own way of doing it, some of which are technically invalid, and none of which are guaranteed to work in any other app.

Mp3tag would have to support reading and writing all these different ways; you would be pissed off if it wrote tags in a way that your particular other app didn't like. I can see why Florian doesn't want to bother with it.

That said, for writing tags, I think the more popular method nowadays is to create an "ID3" RIFF chunk in which an ID3v2.3 tag is placed... if Mp3tag only supported reading and writing that kind of tag in WAV and AIFF files, it would be a good start.

May I ask why you don't convert WAV files to FLAC or other Lossless formats? The compressed Lossless formats can handle id3v2 tags. On top of that you save around 45% space of your disk. Not bad at all.

Good advice except for this part. ID3v2 is a specific tag type that is generally only for MP3. The compressed lossless formats have native support for other tag types. For example, FLAC supports Vorbis tags natively; Mp3tag shows the tag type as just "FLAC". If you also slap ID3v2 tags onto the beginning of such a file, it's messing up the format and the file may not play properly everywhere.

Cannot tell for sure whether FLAC metadata are added same way as mp3 metadata ID3v2 or they are "adapted" to FLAC somehow.
But I use FLAC for very long time and all tag programs I've tested fully "understand" mp3tag FLAC tagging. So I assume mp3tag didn't "invent" FLAC metadata.