Wav files corrupted when writing from mp3tag 3.06a Win7-64

Wav files are sometimes being corrupted when writing from mp3tag 3.06a Win7-64. Issue never happens with mp3 or flac. But sometimes if I update the tags or do Tags->Filename function the file gets corrupted and will no longer open in any program. In this case windows explorer will hang when trying to read the file and only way to fix is log off of Windows.

Could you elaborate how renaming a file (i.e. changing the property "filename") corrupts the audio part?
And in any case: as the current version is 3.06h - does this also happen with this version?


  1. Open wav file in mp3tag, change any tag, write file. Sometimes file is then totally corrupted, mp3tag hangs, win7 explorer hangs, file can never be read or played again by explorer or any other program.
  2. Open wav file in mp3tag, use tags->Filename function. Same result as above.

This only happens about 1 in 10 times that I edit a wav file. It never happens for mp3 or flac. It never happened with older versions of mp3tag. I think I last had 3.03 before upgrading to 3.06 about 1 month ago.

I used the check for new version function in 3.06a and it says no new versions are available.

See here for 3.06h

If you find any way of reproducing the issue, I'd appreciate an example file to analyze it locally.

I've now moved this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

Please post here or open a new topic if you find any way of reproducing the issue.

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