Mp3tag Development Build Status

Date: 2019-12-11
Version: 2.99c
Status: Beta
Download: mp3tagv299csetup.exe

2.99c (2019-12-11)

  • CHG: improved detection of high-contrast modes.
  • CHG: disabled notification messages after changing, removing and saving tags by default.
  • CHG: MusicBrainz tag source now also uses multi-field search for album and artist.
  • FIX: MusicBrainz release type was not parsed anymore.
  • FIX: multi-field search for tag sources used encoding on whole parameter fragment when building URLs. (#47197)

2.99b (2019-11-15)

  • CHG: added option to set file open dialog filter to all files at converter "Text file - Tag". (#46868)
  • CHG: improved visual appearance of menu styles to conform with system defaults.
  • CHG: changed Discogs tag sources to use album artist instead of artist if present.
  • CHG: changed to use double pipe symbol as SearchBy delimiter for tag sources.
  • FIX: automatically escape special characters used for scripting at chosen file name for action "Import text file". (#46620)
  • FIX: buttons to display format string helper menu were not accessible. (#46797)
  • FIX: clipped text for longer search-by labels at tag sources search dialog. (#46952)
  • FIX: cover-type submenu of cover-art context-menu was not accessible for screen readers. (#46796)
  • FIX: creating action groups with backslashes in its name did not work and was silently discarded. (#46544)
  • FIX: display error message if non-existent file cannot be renamed. (#46956)
  • FIX: extended info in playlists could contain newline characters from tag contents. (#46939, #46998)
  • FIX: format string helper menu also showed _DIRECTORY and _SEPARATOR as tag fields if used on Tag Panel. (#46861)
  • FIX: format string helper menu could contain duplicate entries for standard tags fields.
  • FIX: improved appearance of menu selection colors and menu text styles and colors in high-contrast modes. (#46799)
  • FIX: removed duplicated entry for ACOUSTID_ID from list of standard tag fields.
  • FIX: removed single dash from characters that are replaced from pre-filled search string for MusicBrainz tag source.
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Released Mp3tag v2.99c ÔÇö Beta

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