Mp3tag Development Build Status

Date: 2021-07-23
Version: 3.08
Status: Stable
Download: mp3tagv308setup.exe

html export
v2.85 language of the columns
Enhance the tag panel
Inhalt des Titel-Tags korrigieren
Datei umbenennen mit Aktion/Case conversion
Not happy at all
AcoustID Fingerprinting?
[WS] Discogs ALL
Cover aus Ordner importieren
Discogs finds album but has nothing on track list in MP3tag
Select all files
keine Tag-Informationen im Explorer / Details
aktuelle Version
Tag source always presents blank tracks
Milka's exports
Move "Year" from ID3V1 to ID3V2
Can't paste album artwork
Library not working?
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)
TMP Datei nach Absturz
Failed Authentication to Discogs
Split Title information
Failed to authenticate using oauth (1) - mp3tag 2.98
Show mulitple genres in column list?
Discogs search results window is blank
Web Source Framework Discussion
Why was "Shorten filenames to 64 characters" removed?
Saving in subdirectories
Cover werden nicht angezeigt
Preferred image format?
discogs doesn't work
How do you view edit the "Kind", "Purchased by", "Account name" and "Purchase date" tags for iTunes files?
Identify Album
Feld TKWD aufnehmen
Help getting discogs to work?
Discogs-Pone Script Version 3 von 2011
Audible (insb. Genre)
Suggestion - Add Tag Sources and actions to the RMB context menu
Add moving of karaoke file pair
Occasional problem with Letter case edit
TTA files are loaded up with longer duration times than real ones
Extended view changes the order of multivalue components
Anzeige von Dateien ohne unterst├╝tzte Tags
Add retry button to 'Tag Sources' error dialog
Selecting multiple files causes view to shift to the left
Moved actions can remain stuck to the screen
Random sorting of playlist
Can't Start MP3Tag With Multiple Files Selected
Random sorting ("View/Sort by.../Random")
Text file - Tag converter freezes tool bar in v3.05a
Anzahl der Kapitel (.mp4) anzeigen lassen
Mp3tag 3.05 freeze issue
[F] Cover hinzuf├╝gen: nicht der Ordner der Datei wird ge├Âffnet, sondern der Arbeitsordner
Connection with server cannot be established
DISCOGS "no entries are matching" next step
Bitrate value may not appear until the row is manually (3.05, Windows)selected
Make Esc key equal to clicking "NO"
Mp3tag v2.36a - Failure of launch with directory
"Album Cover anpassen" f├╝r verschiedene Cover in einem Durchgang nicht m├Âglich?
Suggestion - Add Tag Sources and actions to the RMB context menu
Sorting by length in the WSS info window does nothing
Suggestion - Add ifgreater and ifless functions to WSS
Discogs abgleichen nicht m├Âglich
merkw├╝rdiger Namen f├╝r cover bei Import
I don't believe Ctrl+Z should undo saving tag while I edit tags in Tag panel
Create column "number of order playlist" and add order in filename when export covers
MP3Tag crashes when picking "Extended Tags..." with some files
Incorrectly sized layout
Mp3tag shut down after viewing multiple songs
Directory drop down not showing
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)
New version 3.06 many times slower reading directory?
Moving cover art to dedicated folders
[X] it's not getting tags or showing it
Tag-Panel wird bei Starten nicht komplett dargestellt
Discogs funktionoert nicht mehr
Add Cover Art to right-click on cover space
Problem with the width of tag panel on startup
Support for webp image previews
Modify iTunes Album ID
[Request] Modify plID/Album ID (iTunes) for m4a songs
Wav files corrupted when writing from mp3tag 3.06a Win7-64
Mediamonkey 5 - neue Custom Fields
Cover aus Zwischenablage einf├╝gen
Cover aus Zwischenablage einf├╝gen
Win 10 Not Displaying The Same Tags in Two Different Files
Dateien werden ohne Warnung gel├Âscht
[F] Zeitstempel der Dateien werden ver├Ąndert
Feature Request - Action groups - Sort by A-Z or Z-A
Suggestion - Indication for long running filter expressions
Finding & tagging tracks belonging to same album
Dialog Erweiterte Tags: Kontext Men├╝ erweitern
Mp3tag 3.05 freeze issue
Cover-Typ eingebetteter Bilder per Aktion setzen
Host name Discogs
How do I get the "Director" field for an .mp4 from mp3tag to Plex?
Discogs Handling of Apostrophes
Problem parsing JSON with a value that has no wrapped quotes
Opening Cuesheets broken?
FLAC tags missing in W10 after adding album art
ID3v2.3 tags to ID3v2.4 tags due to character display problems on Android
MISSING "popularimeter" and "rating"
Artefakte bei Websource-Darstellung
Sorting by title and length not working in Adjust tag information panel
Crash when saving Extended tag edits of flac file
Adding covers for MKV files
Quality Compression option for resize JPG cover
Popularimeter Tag Fails in 2.48c
Replace and delimiter
What is the pixel size of the cover image?
Adding Cover Art to mkv files - Doubts & Issues
Multiple values: Mp3tag & Foobar2000
Warning if settings changed but no files selected
Few minor issues with MusicBrainz tags
MKV files do not show in directory
Mkv and video
Add cover to .mkv files
Documentation of %_video_{bitrate, width, height}% info fields
Add Cover in mkv
MKV issue when adding film art
Cover Art in mkv files
Adding covers for MKV files
Brilliant piece of software - Will MKV Cover art support be in the works?
MKV taggen (Erfahrungsbericht)
Changing separator for multiple values via "search & replace"
Variable f├╝r TV-Show fehlt
Saving as ID3v2.4 with mp3tag = cover not showing in Serato
disable text boxes when no mp3 is selected
ID3v2.3 tags to ID3v2.4 tags due to character display problems on Android
Problem with the width of tag panel on startup
About the Bug Reports category
Mp3tag shut down after viewing multiple songs
Adjust cover - add to toolbar
Bitte letztgew├Ąhlte Bild-Kompressionsstufe ("Qualit├Ąt") merken
Email notifications for topics I never even read
Horizontal jump in table after saving a data
MP4 einlesen dauert extrem lange - L├Âsung gesucht!
Runtime error at json_select_array if no index parameter is given
DISCOGS List of Search Results Max Width
Tooltip bug when there's a long name of WSS
Mp3tag h├Ąngt bei der Auswahl vieler Dateien sehr lange
Tag-Quellen: Spaltenbreiten
Feature Request - Action groups - Sort by A-Z or Z-A
UNSYNCEDLYRICS - Pipe Zeichen am Ende wird gel├Âscht
Order of Action groups can *only* be changed if you execute an action
Problems selecting JSON Object
List focus jumps to first column after selecting multiple rows
Feature Suggestion - Deselect All
Albums Covers Are Not Being Saved
Add support for JFIF image files?
Remove / Delete need space between them

Released Mp3tag v3.08