*.wav files not imported into Mp3tag v 2.41 or 2.42

I have a large number of .wav files without tags and I want to tag them. However, Mp3tag does not import these files into the editor. (I assume it's supposed to?)

I checked the file import types and discovered .wav is not there. (.wv is). I added *.wav to the import list, and restarted Mp3tag. No joy.

I have tried changing the file extension of one of my files - to .flac then to .mp3 - just to see what happenned. Mp3tag found the file correctly both times and allowed me to edit the tags.

There must be something trivial I'm doing wrong but I can't figure out what. Can anyone help?


Apologies, I now realize mp3tag isn't supposed to work with wav files, no doubt ther's a good reason.

try foobar2000 or dbpoweramp for adding tags to WAV. However, there is no standard for wav tags. My suggestion is to convert wav files to FLAC (still lossless), then tag the FLAC files. either of above programs can do this as well.