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The description says it all. I just downloaded this application hoping I could edit meta tags in WAV files, but it does not seem to support this. Or is there anything I might be doing wrong? I am new to this, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks. :unsure:

There is no standard to deal with tags in wav-files. So the answer is: no, MP3tag does not support wav-tagging.
If you want to have lossless audio formats with tags, consider the use of flac. That IS supported by MP3tag.

Why would there be no standard?

DBPoweramp, MediaMonkey, Jriver, MPD, KID3 to name but a few are all using the same method for editing and reading ID3 tags inside WAV-files. The WAV-file standard perfectly allows for it as well.
There is no other method in existence to do ID3 tagging inside WAV either.

So what do you mean there is no standard?

IMO it is just a case of thickheadedness of Florian. :angry:

We live in a free country where everyone is entitled to an opinion of one's own. It is also up to oneself to decide if uttering it will carry very far.

In respect to the standard. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAV and especially the bit about placing the info chunk:
As there are standardized alternatives I would use these.

To quote from your wikipedia reference:

So what's the issue?

If you can't work it out, did you ever contact mr.Spoon from dBPoweramp or Scott Wheeler from the TagLib. They could manage it.

Well Florian has been refusing to add it for I think 5-6 years since I first asked, so nothing is lost here for me. I have alternatives in place and I hardly ever use MP3Tag anymore, but I still think MP3Tag is the best tag-editor out there.

It is letting itself down though, by not adding such a thing as ID3 for WAV, which was for me the sole reason to dump it for regular use.

And the lack of 'standardisation' of tag placement in wav-files doesn't keep others from doing it and using it, so is not a valid reason in reality.
Looking at it formaly, ID3 itself not a 'proper standard' as there is no governing body or standardisation organisation behind it and it is also just an informal 'standard' to which all have commited.
The same is happening with ID3 in WAV, most are adhering to a single method.

It is a shame, but as said it doesn't hurt me.



What's wrong to add the WAV format?

There is probably nothing really wrong with it - it is just a shark-infested pool.
The compatibility problems are lurking round the corner.
What is the purpose of having files that are fine with Mp3tag but not with other players or taggers as each of these has a different interpretation of the chunks.
So the more elegant way is to use a more standardadized format like FLAC - and this is supported without any quirks.

The point is not to save the files in WAV or FLAC, but edit the WAV file tags to be written to a CD of songs that can be recognized their content on devices with CD-text option.
To my knowledge, there is no CD audio that is recorded in FLAC format.
FLAC is to save audio files in high quality on your computer or any form of backup.
What we want is simply that mp3Tag give us the option of editing the tags in WAV format because there are other programs that do this, but do not want to leave the mp3Tag because we love this software. There is nothing so good that it can not be improved. I hope you understand our request. Thanks.

CD-Audio (CD-DA) is a format for it's own and primarily has nothing to do with wave-files. But to write such a CD you have to use uncompressed material.
Nowadays I don't burn Audio-CDs very often but all burning-software that I use if I do this is able to write the metadata of flacs or mp3s to the cd-text-format of an Audio-CD. There is no need to have WAVE-files instead of flacs in ordner to create an Audio-CD with cd-text. Uncompressing before burning is done on the fly without any need of changing formats before.

But the point is that before recording the songs on the CD, I edit track by track by checking the volume, start and end of tracks, etc.
After this issue, the tags are usually affected.
Another help would be time to organize the songs in numerical order, as the system places them in alphabetical order at the time of conversion recording.
The only practical and easy format for editing WAV is, when the other formats will be edited automatically convert programs to WAV, and when we click on save editing, programs to reconvert the source format.
Then the WAV is rather the best format for editing before burning.
My last question to my Tags support request in WAV is:
What is the painful sacrifice for programmers may add it to mp3Tag?

Thanks for your kind comment.

I was working on adding support for WAV files over the last couple of weeks and just released a development build. It's a beta version which still might contain bugs, but I thought you might be interested to try it out. You can download it from http://developer.mp3tag.de

Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks, Florian. The feature is working, but the mp3tag is not showing up in the context menu in wav format.

Please verify this.

Thanks for testing and reporting the issue!

I've added the context-menu entry with the latest development build Mp3tag v2.75b.

Kind regards
– Florian

:smiley: Now yes, the mp3Tag is perfect!
Thank you, Florian. :sorcerer:

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