WAV Metadata Not Embeded on iTunes

Hello i noticed that MP3 files have embeded the metadata correctly
However, WAV files are blank on iTunes. Only the Track Title Displays correctly. Album art and everything else is missing.
How can we check if the ISRC is embedded correctly into the track for WAV, MP3 or other format.

What would be the criterion for correctness?
If you want to check for files that have or have not the field ISRC use the filter:
%isrc% PRESENT
%isrc% MISSING

Looks like an Itunes problem.

I have tried other programs as well like real player and the information and album is also blank excluding the title of the track

What do you imply with this statement?
WMP for instance shows a number fields from the metadata ... so?

in VLC it displays most of the information inlcuding the album art.
Is it the type of setting like ID3v2 vs ID3-ISO
What is the mapping for WAV as well?

I have not got your environment.
So it would be easiest if you just tried it with your setting.

To answer your question: no, there are no special settings for WAV metadata. Mp3tag writes a RIFF info chunk and an ID3 chunk per default.

I've just tried to tag an empty example WAV using iTunes and it seems that there is no metadata embedded in the WAV file itself, but instead stored in the iTunes library.

Did you have any success in tagging WAV from iTunes and displaying the information in another program?

I tried it as well and had the same result as you did.