.wav Riff tags needed for DAW

Hey guys I need to embed BPM info into wavs for FL Studio

When I save a .wav the tag shows up in mp3tag as just RIFF (RIFF) but when I edit the fields in mp3tag it changes to ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3) and the tempo information in FL doesn't show up

Is there a way to have mp3tag just write RIFF (RIFF) tags only for wavs?

I don't think the additional ID3 tags are doing harm. Rather it is a question if MP3tag writes the BPM to RIFF INFO at all. Not sure about if it does, but I for one would not even know which RIFF INFO tag should be used for this. Can you say what FL Studio uses or if it supports this actually?

At https://exiftool.org/TagNames/RIFF.html is usually the most comprehensive overview of RIFF INFO tags, but I find nothing that would be suitable for BPM. But that does not mean that some software has no tag for this, WAVE tagging is a mess in general.

Yeah i'm not sure what RIFF tag FL writes, but i know once i save a .wav from FL, the tempo information stays embedded regardless of tag changes. I'll have to ask their devs

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Found at least one tool making use of this, Kid3 uses the IBPM tag for this, which seems sensible. See:

But of course would also be interesting what FL uses, maybe it does it differently. @leonsk1978 If you could tag a simple WAVE file with FL including BPM information and make this available to me I could check.

@Florian Thaughts? Does MP3Tag already write BPM into something? If not, would it make sense to add it?

@phw Heres a wav exported in FL, the tempo information will display in FL once the audio is exported from FL. Mp3Tag doesn't show any tags written to the file other than RIFF (RIFF)

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That's weird. This file only has a single RIFF INFO tag:

ISFT: FL Studio (beta)

Nothing else. Also looking at it with a hex editor does not reveal anything to me where it would store the tempo information.

Maybe let's do the reverse test. The following file has the IBPM tag set: https://transfer.sh/MfxHX/test.wav

It contains "99" as a value. Could you check if FL does show it?

Nah no BPM information comes up in FL with that file @phw

It was worth a try :slight_smile: But no idea then what if and how this is supported. Maybe the FL developers can answer your question about this.