WAV tagging

I am ripping my CD's to WAV-files. I always include basic info in the filename, typically Albumtitle – Tracknumber – Tracktitle - Trackartist (if there are various artists on the CD) or Albumartist – Albumtitle – Tracknumber - Tracktitle (if there is only one artist on the CD).
I create one specific folder for each CD.
When I use EAC to rip, no tags seems to be saved. When I use Media Monkey to rip, tags are saved but non-English characters are not saved correctly. So I use mp3tag to convert the data in the filename and save to tags. I also use mp3tag to add the album art to the files. That works fine, at least File Explorer in Windows 10 shows the tags are OK.
But MediaMonkey and RealPlayer on Windows 10 won’t display the tags or the album art. Windows Media Player on Windows 10 will display the tags but fails to display the album art. When I copy the tagged WAV-files to my Android 6 (Marshmallow) phone both MediaMonkey app and Poweramp app displays the album art but not the tags.
I wish to tag the WAV-files so all players can find and display both tags and album art.
Is that possible?
I am not interested in solutions including lossy or compressed audio formats.

I would say that it looks a lot like special features of special players.

I can only give you a hint for WMP: if you export the coverart into the file folder.jpg you will see coverart in WMP.
But you will by far not see all the fields in the WAVs, e.g. COMPOSER will not be displayed.

But this is a problem even for MP3 files: not all players show all tag data, e.g. WMP does not show the BPMs, whereas iTunes does; iTunes does not show the LANGUAGE but WMP does.