Wavepurity seems to not support PNG cover art in APEv2 tags

I have a mp3 file and when I add all the tags I need and save the file from mp3 file all is ok.
I also have Wavepurity to edit, like volume i.e. , but in this case I do not . I just use it to check the problem I discovered.
When I add the cover to this mp3 file then the music was cut off at the end. When I select the file to play in media player it shows 5:46 play time instead of 5:59 before the cover was added.
the cover I add is a png file.
When I open it in Wavepurity I can see problems at the end of the song.
Then I realized this cover is the only cover that I have that is png format. I opened the png in Paint and saved it as jpg. Now I use that cover on the mp3 and after applying it, the music is still 100% correct.
Conclusion: do not attach png as covers!

I have numerous files with png covers. So, I would say that your conclusion is not correct.
Could you check your file prior to editing with one of the linked tools for integrity?

and then test the whole thing with an error-free file?

Hi, Just tried with the software you recommended and....it confirms what I say. No mp3 file errors on the orig mp3 ripped with windows media player. The one with png cover on has mp3 stream errors..
To bad I cannot attach anything here so you can confirm

I tried it just a minute ago and added a png file without any problems. Neither mp3val nor Mp3diags report anything suspicious for the file with the embedded png file.
If you have a file hoster, you could PM me with the link.
It would be good if you could link both: the original file and the edited one.

Thank you.
What one can see immediately is that APE tags were added to the bad one.
These are usually at the end and are classified as "garbage at end" by MP3val and as "Unsupported APE" with following "streams" (which represent the APE tag) by Mp3diags.
Set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg so that you do not write APE tags and see if that helps.
(I added the included png file and saved it without APE tags and did not get any problem reports)

Ok, thanks, Anyway, wont; be using PNG's anymore, was an exception. Not sure what APE is or why it makes a difference but since the software writes it , it does something wrong.
thanks again

It's the player that cannot cope with APE tags.

I've updated the topic title accordingly. Thanks @ohrenkino for investigating this issue.