Way to fix "orphan" mp3s?

Hey guys..gotta question for you..been using mp3tag to compile a music library of about 75,000 songs..and its been great...can do just about any darn thing i ask it to...but the one i cannot for the life of me figure out is how to edit in bulk everything so that albums have the same title, ie no more Disc 1, Disc 2, CD1 CD2, or Bonus track or anything of the sort

Reason being is, everything is going into a giant video jukebox, and having mp3s that have anything different than the rest of the album, well, obviously gives you more albums of one song.

Any way to do this? Even if its not mp3 tag....its almost unfeasible to do it by hand, i mean 75,000 songs!

Thanks in advance guys

Are you talking about individual mp3s that belong to certain albums, and the "Album" fields for these mp3s can contain "Disc 1" "CD 1" etc you listed - or the TITLE fields?

cuz i can write you a shrot script that removes all instances you list anywhere it finds it (title or album field)

I assume though you have a more complex problem since you said you've been using it to solve all sorts of problems

I am afraid that you will not be able to avoid some manual work - anything that is different in tag is a separate entry. So if the mp3s vary in their album names but shouldn't you will have to unify all these entries manually. MP3Tag has sophisticated sorting and filtering options.
How should any computer be able to find out that Bravo Hits 55 is something else than Bravo Hits 56 and must be separated but "Greatest Hits of the 80s CD1" is just another chip off the block of "Greatest Hits of the 80s CD2" and can be joined?
So will have to evaluate where to apply the unification and where not.
A good way to group files in new directories ist the "Tag to filename" function if have read in your collection of MP3s from the root directory.
Rename the files and include the path syntax in the filename e.g. %album% - %year%\%track% - %title% _ %artist%
This will move all tracks with the same Album name to the same folder.
Just one more thing: if you want to join all mp3s of a compilation in one folder, what are you going to do with the track numbering? To my opinion that would have to be adapted as well. Otherwise you end up with numerous track no 1, track no 2 etc. which will then upset at least Albumartfix.