wdx_anytag_095 problem



Hope this is the right place to write about an anytag bug.


  1. i am using TC 6.53
  2. i am using wdx_anytag_095.zip
  3. currently showing:
  • name
  • ext
  • bitrate
  • length
  • album
  • artist
  • genre
  • title
  1. in DIR1 I have a song, artist-title.mp3. It has a bitrate of 128, album and genre set and so on.
  2. somewhere else in DIR2 i have another song, with the same filename, artist-title.mp3, but with a bitrate of 192 (for example) and no album and genre set (or having other values than the first file)
  3. i use Move in TC to move the file with higher bitrate from DIR2 to DIR1
  4. TC asks me if i want to overwite
  5. I choose Overwrite
  6. The file IS overwritten (checked tags with itunes and winamp) but the tags are not updated in the column list in TC (the old one from the 128 bitrate file are shown). CTRL-R (refresh) doesn't work, nor exiting and reentering DIR1. Restarting TC fixes the problem but it is annoying.

I think that this can easily be fixed, but it might somehow be a little slower (for example if it will be made to reffresh its internal list everytime the user enters a directory).

Anyway, a very useful plugin. Thank you.


I have the same problem.
When I change ID3tag in mp3 file it doesn't refresh in column list until I restart TC.


anytag.wdx 0.96 should fix the problem.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks a lot for the fix. I cannot test it right now, but if there are any other problems, I'll get back to you.


It works great, thanks.


works ok. thanks.