web based searching


Hi all,
This is my first post and I hope somone can help me.
I have been going through my back catalog of mp3s, adding or tiding the tags as I go. when the web search stopped working a few weeks ago, I found the patch and successfully applied it.
Tonight I tried to obtain the tags (using a web search) for a Beautiful south best of's album, but all I got was a single entry for a record I have never heard of.
I have tried changing the Freedb server, and asking for other artists,etc. I only ever get offered one choice, and unlukily for me it has never been the one I want.
Is this a bug, is it a connection problem to freedb, has anybody got any ideas?



Thanks for reporting, please try the NEW file from

BTW the the freedb server options have no impact on the web search since there is only one web search server.


Sorry for the delay but here in humdrum things can get a bit exciting every so often, and when the do my mp3's are the last thing I want to worry about.

Thanks For the help the patch worked, till they change it again!