Web Source Alternative - Data Proxy


I like the fact, that i am able to provide Scripts or Sources to integrate providers into Mp3-Tag. Well, as good as the web sources are, the scripting language is kind of weird and hard to learn, although its documented quite nicely... i don't want to complain, i just would like to suggest a feature, that could speed up integration of internet data provdiders...

Since web sources are divided into INDEX and ALBUM information on any URL, i think it would be great to integrate a Data Proxy feature into MP3-Tag, where a json format has to be specified.

An example:

  1. First write a server application in Node-JS, that is able to provide e.g. musicbrainz-data and covers via api
  2. Run the server on localhost:1337/discogs?q=my-title or whatever port you like, returning something like:
		id: "my-id",
		title: "my-title",
		subtitle: "my-subtitle",
		composer: "my-composer",
		artist: "my-artist",
		cover: "www.domain.com/cover.jpg",
		description: "my long description",
                "any-other-mp3-tag-placeholder": "placeholder-value",
		tracks: [
			{id: "", start: 0, end: 302, title: "my-track-title"}
  1. localhost:1337?q=%search-query% will provide INDEX-Data as json
  2. localhost:1337?id=%id% will provide ALBUM-Data as json
  3. configure a new data proxy in MP3-Tag providing the base url (localhost:1337) and the provider-name (discogs)

That Feature would make it possible, to write something in any language you like to provide Tag-Data for MP3Tag.

In my case i would like to write a nodejs app as data proxy, which is way more flexible than web source scripting, at least in my opinion.

For the first glance: My app is already running and i wrote a "general" websource, but I am not aware of a full list of fields that are available for INDEX and ALBUM-Data

What do you think?