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Kudos for the MusicBrainz plugin ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: apparently, they make it possible to make third-party client plugins. That would be cleaner I guess. Any chance to be something like it anytime ?


Calculating the TRM identifier requires internal decoding to WAV, so a decoder for every file format supported would be necessary. This is currently a little bit too much work.


is it possible to get more information from discogs.com? not only artist, album, year, genre, title & track number.

if yes, then how?

thanks in advance.

EDIT: and you can't save cover. it's not showing.


I don't know which additional information you're looking for. Can you give an example for information available at the discogs.com website?

You can. But only if the album page on discogs.com shows a cover.


i am looking for label & catalog number :slight_smile:

it is there. and when i press Preview i can see it on the page opened in browser. but when i choose the album & press OK, i see only track information, cover is blank & the button to save it is grey. tested with the following release: http://www.discogs.com/release/3193.

thanks for quick response & sorry for bugging.


Yes, it's possible by modifying the web source description file. Maybe I'll make an extended version of discogs.src.

I think you're using an old version of the web source. Please get the latest one from here.

Best regards,
~ Florian


cool, thanks.

done that - no luck. cover is blank, button is grey.

i'm under proxy, but as long as everything else works properly, i don't think that it's the issue.


That's the problem - I forgot to use the proxy for getting the cover art. I'll fix it to the next release.

Thanks for your feedback!

~ Florian


You are very welcome & thank you very much for your help!


hi weakling child,
i'm still new to this web source framework thing, but i tried to add your requested label and catalog no.
I'm not too sure, whether my extension is going to work with all labels and catalog numbers on discogs, but at least it worked for your tobin amon and some more tests i run. (i think)
please try it, i'm going to attach my .src file to this post. And if it doesnt work they way it should, please tell me, i will try to fix it (somehow). :slight_smile:

best regards

ps: to find the destination folder easily, just press windows key+r and paste the following line: %appdata%\mp3tag\data\sources

discogs.src (2.52 KB)


wow, thanks hunger01! i appreciate this very much!

tested a little - works properly.

may i ask you for one more thing? as far as i can see, you add label & catalog information to the manually created tags - "LABEL" & "CATALOG NO". can you change it, so that label will be put in the "PUBLISHER" tag & catalog number in the "COMMENT" tag?


please don't bother - done it myself. Mp3tag rocks! :slight_smile:


hehe yeah it rocks!
thanks to florian! :slight_smile:
best regards


tried to get info from discogs.com for the http://www.discogs.com/release/11065 release & found the following issue:

1st track is called "Musik Für Cats". it turned out that Mp3tag read info only before that "ü" symbol & stopped after that. it hadn't read info for next tracks & the "r Cats" that was left from the original title.

please consider.

EDIT: another release with the same issue - http://www.discogs.com/release/186503.

reads only before "þ" symbol.


hi weakling child,
im not sure, but i think, your umlaut issue has something to do with the missing unicode support in web source framework. I noticed the same with korean font bevore. :confused:
As far i understood, unicode is not going to be support that soon... only thing we can do is hoping and waiting...
best regards


found another bug - when search results are listed, not all of the releases are showing.

http://www.discogs.com/artist/Solar+X shows 6 releases, while search results only 5.

i'm almost sure that it's because 6th release goes after release that has that "þ" symbol. is there a way to skip those symbols?

EDIT: hi hunger01, just noticed your post. i thought about it. if they are not supprted, can they just be skipped?

EDIT2: regarding release not showing. it's not about that "þ" symbol. "þ" symbol is in the 4th release, 5th reads well & 6th is not showing. please consider.


It has nothing to do with Unicode and I'll try to fix it when I find some spare time.


Best regards,
~ Florian


hi weakling child,

the 6th release is "Chanel N° 303" isnt it? perhaps its not shown because of the °? probably the same unicode issue, dont u think so?

best regards

oh lucky! florian is going to fix it! thanks! :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you!

yep, missed that.


A Weakling Child,

all your problems (including cover art through proxy) should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian