Web Source Request: GD3 as a Data Source

Florian asked me to post this...

Exact Audio Copy (exactaudiocopy.de) supports GD3 (getdigitaldata.com) as a tag data source. GD3 is a subscription service, but has vastly superior and accurate disc information and album art.

It would be great if mp3tag also supported GD3. (btw, you can get a cheap lifetime subscription to GD3 for something like US$8 via EAC)

Thanks much!


Just to clarify this statement to avoid any confusion:

I've been asked via email to add support for GD3 to Mp3tag. I'm personally not interested in developing this feature and want to focus my spare hours on the core development of Mp3tag. So I've asked the OP to ask on the forums whether someone is interested in developing a tag source for this data source.

Please avoid any meta-discussion whether supporting this data source is reasonable or not -- simply jump on the train in case you like to support it and have the skills of adding support for it to Mp3tag.

Kind regards

Great idea. :sunglasses: