Web Source: SayRegExp blank separator

I have found out that SayRegExp separates the searches by space when blank separator has been chosen.
If I use a non-blank separator then result is correct.
In the following example I use the same source to extract artists.
Source is "Bryan Adams" ... "; Tina Turner" (I have joined correct separator to artist name)
result 1: "Bryan Adams ; Tina Turner" <---- incorrect
result 2: "Bryan Adams; Tina Turner" <---- CORRECT

If I set SayRegExp separator to comma (,) then I get

"Bryan Adams,; Tina Turner"

You can use following code to test it.


#set stream to		 "artists": [{"join": "", "name joined": "Bryan Adams", "anv": ""}, {"join": "; ", "name joined": "; Tina Turner", "anv": ""}]
regexpreplace ".+" "\"artists\"\: \[\{\"join\"\: \"\", \"name joined\"\: \"Bryan Adams\", \"anv\"\: \"\"\}, \{\"join\"\: \"; \", \"name joined\"\: \"; Tina Turner\", \"anv\"\: \"\"\}\]"
outputto "artist"
sayregexp "(?<=\"name joined\": \").*?(?=\")" "" "}]"

outputto "albumArtist"
sayregexp "(?<=\"name joined\": \").*?(?=\")" "," "}]"

No one has faced this issue?