Web Sources Scripts


Is there a way when using the web sources scripts for say Discogs as an example to choose which information to save and which to ignore?

If not would it be possible to implement such a feature in future versions such as a check box type of structure by the information retrieved?


You can edit any of the scripts to adapt them to your needs.
The files are plain text files.


Thank you for the response, I do understand that my thought was to create a list version of the scripts that have already been posted in the forums such as:

Format:FILENAME .....
Result: This will ....

That way you can make it easier for people to find what they are looking for and you minimize the post of "how do I" create folders for multiple discs or how do I add remove artwork to a folder, etc, when it has been asked and resolved a few times to consolidate the scripts into one list view was my suggestion...