Web sources search thumbnails

I see on the built in Discogs and MusicBrainz in search you can load artwork during search. Is it possible for third party web sources, and what about on Windows?

It's currently Mac-only (I plan to bring it over to the Windows version sometime next year). You can use %_coverurl% as placeholder for the cover thumbnail URL in [IndexFormat].

Please bear in mind that all those covers are downloaded when listing the search results — so only smaller covers make sense.

I'm using what's provided in thumb by the Discogs API and the 250px version of the cover provided by the MusicBrainz API (if available).

Thanks for asking!

Nice, I try it out. It seem like it only likes to be in the beginning of IndexFormat.

It should work at any position as long as it matches what you output during creation of the index format.

I tried at, but if not at the beginning it would not load the images.

OK, you're right — I've tried with a Tag Source where the fields before %_coverurl%, also started with an underscore (which then works).