Website Feature: CODES


well hi everyone,

i love MP3Tag and this forum.

every now and than i come here to ask question and have to go thru forum to find a code/action to do specific task with MP3Tag..

how about adding feature to the Site which will give/post/show the code/action that are posted/made/created by people to do different task.

so mods/admins don't have to answer same question again and again. and everyone can see what some code/action do and how is it useful.

that way it make simple for everyone.

some script for this website like.. a database of codes

CODE NAME: [] - Remover
CODE Description: removes anything between []
CODE: [/]/
AUTHOR: dumbcoder

hehe something like this..

what you think guys.



We have an archive of useful Regular exp​ressions which might be what you're looking for.