Websource for germancharts.com

This 3 websites are very similar (if not the same). Could someone code a Websource for this sites? There are some very interesting informations like

  • CD-Info: RCA 88697 091962 (Sony BMG) / EAN 0886970919623
  • Release: 2007
  • Label: SBM
    and of course:
  • Covers!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Although covers looks a little bit small, have better quality with Amazon or Yottamusic.

And from a quick test, they miss much albums.

You are right abouth the amount of albums. But the available informations are not too bad, right?

There are bigger covers at http://hitparade.ch/cdimages/filename.jpg
Just try it out :smiley:

Ok, looks better, at least for newer stuff. Old covers looks like to have amazon as source (300x300).

Getting the cover with a websource is easy, but getting the other information would be more time consuming. And since I think you can get all that from musicbrainz anyway I would not invest the time.

Cover___Germancharts.zip (744 Bytes)

Just great! Thanks for that. Every possible (Cover-)source is welcome.

Now we just need some automation for the cover-resizing!
@Florian: Maybe next christmas? :santa:

I've been "playing" with this web site (hitparade.ch), too.
My intention was to retrieve song details (like year, composer) for a specific title.

The search url looks like this:


which delivers the year right away.

Main problem: I need two search criteria (artist AND title) to get the desired page...
Can this be done with the WS framework?


Hi All

Also , does anyone know if this .src files can be amended to allow for an EAN to be entered , and look up that way?

This would be the quickest way when adding new titles , for sure.


@dano: Could you please have a look at this source?
I can't get the (existing) covers from this site anymore.
Example how to find the album:
(the same URL as if you click on the URL "Dieses Album bei germancharts.com" in the result-window)

The search words in Mp3tag:
brings the matching result-window, but without cover.

Thanks for your support in advance!

Here is my update.

Cover_Art_Germancharts.zip (801 Bytes)

Works great! Thank you!! :w00t: