Websource Script Error "Parameter 3 is unexpected" - What do do now?

Since the newest Mp3tag v3.21c, my Websource-Script says:


How can I fix this?

I guess you have to remove the 3rd parameter then.


After commenting out this line
debug "on" "C:\Temp\MB\MB_debug_json_EXPANDED_album.txt" "50000"
it seems to work again.

The (3rd) number seems to be unnecessary and invalid now?

Thanks for pointing! It seems that I have a inconsistency between the internal function specification for debug and the documentation.

It's not active in the release version of your script (I've tested this), but will fix in a few minutes.

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I've now fixed this with Mp3tag v3.21d. You most likely need to make the 3rd parameter strictly numeric: "50000"50000

I changed the debug lines to the numeric 50000 and tested it successfully.

Thank you for the very fast v3.21d fix.

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