Weird: 2.47a (& Earlier) Working from Thumb Drive But Not Hard Disk!

OK guys, this is an odd one - I've posted it here becuase I can't believe it's a general bug since too many people are happily using mp3tag with linux mediaservers (especially Squeezebox). Apologies for the slightly long post but I think details will be necessary to solve this!

I’m a longtime mp3 tag user and have been very happy with it. I run it in the portable config described by Florian (/t/964/1 on both a thumb drive and a fully-patched XP Home desktop. In fact, whenever I update, I simply copy the entire new portable directory to whatever devices need it. Thus, both thumb drive and desktop normally contain exactly the same code, in exactly the same directory structure.

I recently got a Vortexbox media server ( which is based on Fedora 14, plus a Squeezbox Touch. The VB is simply plugged into my router so all my network workstations can access the flacs on it via a preconfigured Samba share - loads of Squeezbox users have similar configs and mp3tag (run from the Win environment) is invariably recommended when there is a need to edit tags in those flacs

When run from my thumb drive against the files on the VB, mp3tag (2.47a and earlier versions) behaved exactly as normal. However, when run from my desktop, it hung on opening and finally reported a runtime error in .\sfolder.cpp, line 208, Term _S_TRUE(bRetVal), Code00000000 - this is totally repeatable but when the VB is switched off, mp3tag opens fine from the desktop!

I emphasise that both versions of mp3tag were the same code and the same directory structure – however, the code run from my hard disk [more or less] freezes (repeatably) whilst the same version run from thumb drive (plugged in to my desktop) worked as normal.

So, has anybody seen this before or got any ideas what’s causing this? Is it possible that Florians portable set-up throws a wobbly when exposed to a Samba share? I'm away from my desktop for the next 10 days and will try a 'normal' install when I get back but, in the meantime, since I couldn't find anything relevant via Search, all thoughts and comments would be very greatfully received.

Many thanks