weird noise

I inserted album art in my mp3s and now I can hear a very weird noise in cca 10s in song. Is that noise the album art? Is it possible get rid of it? The noise stays there even if I remove the album art.

Quck Arctions - Insert cover from file - (jpg downloaded from google).
mp3tag 2.5, xpsp3

Usually not.
Have you got
Did you check the files with mp3val befor you applied the covers?
To me it looks as though the files were corrupt beforehand.
You can check the files even now (with mp3val) to confirm that the mp3 stream is broken.

I didnt check the files before conversion with mp3val but I am sure there was no disturbing noise at the start of songs. Its apr. in 7s first, then in 10 and 11-12s.

Later today I am going to check it with this mp3val.

there are some errors with mp3val but even after fixing there remains the bad noise. Before mp3tag the song was fixed with mp3gain and ffmpeg after those the song was ok. attached pls find a song with weird noise. *** (not sure if this is legal - in case of... pls delete or let me know how to do it better)

One never knows where those errors come from. It could be that your hard drive is about to go up the spout or what ever.
Fact is: these files have got some sectors with errors and that is where the weird noise comes from.
MP3tag is most certainly not the culprit.
The only remedy for these files is: back to the backup safety copy. These files are now junk. You may just as well delete them straight away.

sure, ok, thank you.