Weird (possible common) problem?


Hoping this is a known problem... in that I've had it happen a few times in the past, but always worked around it. Lately? More often (and specifically, twice in the last 3 days)... and under versions 2.81 and 2.82.

So here's an example of the issue. I right click a folder of MP3s to be tagged and open it in Mp3tag. The folder contains 15 known and verified good MP3 files. Mp3tag only seems to recognize a small number of them.

Even dragging one of the files it didn't originally recognize into Mp3tag doesn't work. Nor does right-clicking one of those files and "Open in Mp3tag".

Again, seen this before, and twice in recent days... both in the latest version 2.82 (and in 2.81, simply because I thought maybe it was an issue in the latest version).

So, is this a known issue? Well trodden ground? (as I'm a newbie to these forums, so it is very possible). Maybe there's even a few posts in these forums that cover this issue and I was too lazy to look? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Have a look at the statusbar at the bottom There you see the number of loaded and the number of displayed files.
If you see a number in brackets it means that you probably have a "leftover" filter.
Press F3 to disable the filter and check if you now see all the files.
Press F3 again to see if the files get hidden again.

Omg! I feel like an idiot! Please abuse me at will. Sorry! That is exactly my problem! :frowning:

Thank you!