Weird tag problem


I'll try to explain the best I can.
Basically I have a MP3 encoded @ 192 blah blah

It HAD what I thought was a ID3v2(checked with MP3TAG) tag on it but when I tried to load it on my ipod I discovered that the tag was not there!
I looked at it again with MP3TAG and the tag was gone!!! Very strange.
One other thing.. windows AND winamp can see the tag! just not MP3TAG or itunes!

I checked with a program called tag&rename and it saw the tag and claimed it had a unsyced ID3v1 tag?
It did repair it and now MP3tag and the ipod sees the tag again.
My qeustion is..... can MP3TAG repair this as well? Whatever the reason is I cannot make it "see" the tag at all and it certainly did before because I made changes to it and 300 other MP3's of which suffer from the same problem.

These were not encoded by me and all those that were and every other file I have used has never had this type of issue.
Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be happening here?


PS.. Thanks for A fantastic program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is an unsynced ID3v1 tag? AFAIK, ID3v1 tags can only be at the very end of a file and take up 128 bytes.