Weird tagging issues

I'm having a couple issues with tags in several specific mp3s on my phone.
Issue #1: I can't get get them all to merge to the same album. The tags are the same. I have checked and retagged many times. This may be related to Issue #2.
Issue #2: I can rename the artist tag to anything I want, except the one I actually want. Specifically I want the artist to be "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" (Yeah, yeah...). Any program or app I use to edit the tags (I've tried at least 8) shows the correct artist, however, my phone actually displays the artist as "Bone thugs-n-harmony". A minor difference to be sure, but I should still be able to change it. Here's where it gets weird... If I change the artist to something else, it will display what I changed it to properly. If I delete the "y" at the end of the name it will display as "Bone Thugs-N-Harmon", but if I add the "y" back in, without changing anything else, it will display as "Bone thugs-n-harmony". I have tried everything I can think of to remedy these issues and have had zero success. Is there any way to fix this?

Have you filled the field ALBUMARTIST? This field (and ALBUM) is usually used to group files together to an album.

As to why your player changes the case of the artist - I think you have to ask the developers of your player.
The only way I could think of is to replace the ordinary hyphen with something that looks like one but isn't. There a number of unicode characters for this purpose.
And then perhaps the player could be tricked.

This looks like as if your player has a cache of albums already played or as if the player takes his information from the internet and only keeps your changes if no equivalent artist can be found there.

Try what happens if you forbid the player to access the internet.

What player are you using? You may need to force it to refresh the database it keeps.

Perhaps also it is using folder and file names to create the database. If you only change the tag names and not update the folder/filename this could be the cause of the issue.

Just the standard Samsung music player. There's no database or settings regarding a database that I can find. Changing file/folder names had no effect.

I just use the standard Samsung music player. It has no internet access far as I can tell. The caps issue isn't just limited to the player itself, so I'm not sure that's where the problem lies.

Strangely enough that worked. I say that because this is the only album that, without an album artist, has issues. Usually I have to get rid of the album artist to make it do what I want and I have tons of albums with no album artist and artists that have some albums with and some albums without an album artist and have had no problems getting them to be where and what I want.

The case issue isn't limited to the player, and the letters, dashes, and space MUST be in that EXACT order AND quantity for the error to occur so I don't know what could be causing such a strange problem. I'm not sure a solution it to be found, so I'll either have to deal with it or use a work around.

Thank you all for your you help!

If you have the nerve, could you supply such a strange file?

The other problem: if you leave out the album artist, then all albums belong to the artist that is not known. Which may cause any kind of weird side effects. So, honestly, you will get better and more predictable results if you fill that field.

This player only uses the standard Android music database API. I recommend checking a few other more robust players.
Foobar mobile is still free I believe.
Paid apps that work well are GoneMAD, Neutron, and Poweramp - and each has a free trial. These all use their own database internally, so any tags you include with your music files will be a benefit.
At a minimum for the best experience you should be including Title, Album, Artist, AlbumArtist, and disc and track number fields.

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