What about the Off-topic category?

Something like 3 days ago I posted a new thread in it, but if I go it to

it just says [even when I am logged in]: "Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!"


It's worse than that: the entire Off-Topic category from the old forum is now gone altogether, both the English and the German versions. Fortunately, I keep a copy of all of my posts, so if necessary I can repost the important ones if they were lost during the server move. Hope you kept yours....

I think Florian is going to be a very busy man this week....

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Did you enjoy reading those categories? If so, please just everybody like this reply via the :heart: symbol so I get a sense of the community vibe and might decide to revive the Off-Topic categories.



A lot of posts in "Off Topic" were related to Mp3Tag but indirectly. For example, my own post on how to use Windows Explorer's search function with Mp3tag and the responses to that post.

So there were useful posts in there as well as some junk. Going forward, I see this category as a place for posts about how people organize their music collections, what tags people consider important, problems people have with music players, what music formats people prefer and why, using other software that complements Mp3tag, discographical questions, and so on. In other words, topics that don't quite fit the other categories but that do have some relation to managing, organizing, or playing digital music.

You could pin a note to the folder to that effect, requesting people not to post on subjects unrelated to digital music.

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So it is was not a case of a mistake as I hoped for but a deliberate [lack of] action as I feared

I did; with time. Something like 2-3 years after becoming an active forum user I went through all of its content

The off-topic section was not a popular one and little happened in there. To my despair

For example not so long ago, with the help of @ohrenkino, I managed to post there a thoroughly tested code for a quick reset of Windows 7. It had nothing to do with Mp3tag or with music for that matter, but it had some valuable findings. So does it really hurt to have something like that here- separated to a clearly named group?

You have nailed it @Doug_Mackie

I was about just about to post a question about system for managing album titles, but over the weekend I could not, as the installment of new forum was taking place. And now no category on this new forum will be a proper one to post it- and it was you yourself @Florian who told me recently in some of my threads to mind the category I place in my posts

Maybe @Florian you should make a pool about that topic- but not now but something like in a month, when most of the users get acquainted with the new forum? And wait for result also for a month, before closing the pool? If I am not mistaken, this new forum gives such a build in tool for it

Thanks for your feedback all. I've resurrected the Off-Topic categories (both english and german).

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