What are the PASSWORD requirements?

It would be a really good idea to list the length of the PWD in the
RESET PASSWORD eMail. I'm getting frustrated because I initially signed up about a month ago.
I don't remember what the length & other requirements are.
It would be a good idea to put it in with the 1st time use.
I went & looked at my PWD saved logins on FF & typed the long PWD provided to me that was saved & it's the wrong PWD apparently. Then I went searching for PASSWORD (in lowercase) and no hits.
Now I'm really frustrated, because I couldn't set what I really typed in because there no way of seeing what I typed.

Can you please put an eyeball in there so I/we can see what was inputted from FF Saved Logins (which is longer than my original password or variations of it)?

Please can you put the rules in with the 1st time use or PWD RESET email.
So no one has to go thru this frustration.

Thanks for your help,

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I doubt that.
AFAIK passwords are saved in an encrypted way so that not even the admin can actually tell what the original password was. And the length of that encrypted string usually does not match the password length.
MP3tag is hardly responsible for the way that FF (?) saves passwords.

The current requirement is a minimum length of 10 characters and there is a "Password is too short note" next to the reset field, if you've entered a password that is too short.


scnr :smiling_imp:

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