What Date/Year is the right date?

Hello MP3tag-gers, Happy New Year to you all!

I have a question, which is not related to the software, but more a tagging question:

Let's assume you have a compilation: "Greatest Hits of FooBar" FooBar could be an artist, or maybe a decade, like the 80ies, or something else...

Now, the compilation came out in Year A, but a song within the compilation came out in Year B. So what should go into the Year tag? What I have been seeing so far from discogs or freeDB is that the year of the compilation is in there. Which I think is totally snafu, since at times I want to find oldies from the 70ies, and I don't see the the Greatest Hits Albums that came out in the 2000s... :flushed: :rolleyes:

Has anyone else ever been bothered by this, or am I splitting hair here? :unsure:

Would be great if you got any input for me!

RooDee :music:

No, you're not. :music: You can use both DATE and ORIGINALDATE for each file.

You are right. But that's a technical problem with the web source scripts. They can only look for the release year of the compilation because that is the only thing which is stored at the web databases. Even if you buy a compilation and look at the credits in the booklet, the original year of the tracks is not always given.
So if you want the original year of every track, you will have to google every track for it's own and write the year manually. Using two different tag fields is a good idea, so you can have one (DATE or YEAR) for filled for every track and the other (ORIGINALDATE/-YEAR) only for the ones you care especially about.

Thanks! I was worried! :laughing: I have transferred all dates that I had set manually into ORIGYEAR and reset the compilation's date to the original date.

Yep, that''s what I have been doing. Tedious task, but as you said, I will only do it for the ones I care about. Now all I got to accomplish is to have itunes show them both... :unsure:

Thanks guys for the quick help!!