What do you use Mp3tag for?

I'm curious about what everyone uses MP3 Tag for. I'm using it to avoid Content ID Matches on YouTube.

To tag the mp3-collection? :w00t:
Or do you mean which feature will be used more then others?

Use it to convert tags from ID3v2.4 to v2.3. Thats the only feature I've used so far.

A whole lot! Including:

  • Renaming titles and albums with the “right” capitalization (e.g. the word “the” in lower case)
  • Embedding covers to the files
  • Restructuring my music folder to my liking
  • Removing unnecessary information from tags and convert all tags to ID3v2.3
  • Generating NFO-files containing album information and exporting it to each corresponding album folder
  • Exporting front cover (.jpg) to each album folder
  • The auto-numbering function
  • Getting album covers using “Tag Sources”
  • Using the freedb option to gather missing album information
  • Automatically converting all different variations of featuring artists to “(feat. ARTIST)” in the title tag (e.g. “Featuring Styles” to “(feat. Styles)”
  • Removing trailing and leading spaces

I guess those are some of the most important ones, but I’m sure I’ve missed some! My music collection went from being hopelessly disorganized to being in top form thanks to Mp3tag, and I’m finally getting the most out of it!

Reading large numbers of tags in from a text file generated by Excel.

I then use Media Monkey to play the files, so mapping fields between MP3Tag and Media Monkey has been an issue.

To clean out junk info in tags that media players and such inevitably pump into my files.

I'm using it to rename (via conversions or actions or manual typing) and then strip all tags from most of my incoming files. I'm one of those freaks who doesn't use any tags at all in my main collection.

This is a really good forum topic. I am curious of the capabilities and uses of MP3 Tag as well.
So far I have used it for renaming and cleaning up my collection file names. After reading through some of these posts, I am starting to realize that there is alot more to this program than meets the eye! So... what do you use this program for? :rolleyes:

I think it is pointless to ask the same question over and over again.
So: before the forum takes you serioulsy (again) - why do you ask this question?

Wow, such a way with words. You some kind of self appointed forum cop or just everyone's better judgment?

Why are you dragging it up five months later?

To bake cakes and roast potatoes! :slight_smile:

Simple really, ohrenkino's attitude killed an interesting thread and there's a pattern of behaviour where they're concerned.

Fair enough. I use Mp3tag to:

  • Complete the tagging of Flac files after ripping an album with EAC.
      • First name, Last name for individuals, e.g. John Lee Hooker => Hooker, John Lee
      • Remove leading article for bands, e.g. The Beatles => Beatles, The
      • Remove leading article, e.g. The Best of Blondie => Best of Blondie, The
    • Add COMPILATION=1 to various artist albums
    • Add ALBUMARTIST to all albums, except for compilations
      • Same conventions as with ARTISTSORT
    • Add DISCNUMBER tag to multi-disc sets
    • Add LABEL for the publisher
    • Add CATALOGNUMBER for the publisher's catalog number
    • Rename the file
      • $num(%track%,2) %title% for non-compilation albums
      • $num(%track%,2) %artist% - %title% for compilation albums
  • Retag downloaded Mp3 files.
    • Often involves using the filename-to-tag converter for files with no tags
    • Occasionally use the Autonumbering wizard
    • Lots of tag cleanup
      • Trim common text fields: ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, COMMENT, GENRE
      • Capitilize title
      • Remove many unwanted fields - Accurterip stuff, Gracenote stuff, many others
      • Reformat track number to simple $fmtNum(%track%)
      • Remove embedded cover art
    • Add any missing common fields
      • Always entered manually. Except for TITLE it's all album-level info, so it's easily entered for all tracks on an album using the Tag Panel. I've never used Tag Sources.
    • Change GENRE, if necessary, to one using my own conventions
    • Add all of the same fields as with Flac files (minus LABEL and CATALOGNUMBER)
      • TSOA for ALBUMSORT
      • TPE2 for ALBUMARTIST
    • Embed a cover.jpg that I download manually
    • Rename the file
      • Same naming convention as with Flac files
  • Retag downloaded podcasts.
    • All Mp3 files
    • Add PCST=1
    • One Action Group for each different podcast, each with a unique filenaming convention

Hi again,
I thougth that we live in an internet world where everybody can state his opinion. Reading an opinion that does not comply with one's own should not be a reason to get cross.
And to my opinion I doubt that a topic that has a gap of one year between two posts (see Chaive and m-B) is really of burning interest.
Much more interesting for me is to find the reasons why someone asks the question again and again - are there evil intentions lurking? Does he want to spy on me? What does he want to find out about my private intentions? Does he expect a serious answer or one like "To bake cakes and roast potatoes!".
Probably this is exaggerated and paranoid. But the lack of information about the intentions of the one posing the question leaves a lot of room for speculation.
If one looks at the questions asked in this forum I think they reveal much more about the different uses of MP3tag than this thread.
In addition the other threads also deliver a solution, a receipe which (in my opinion) is much more helpful that just a statement "Trim common text fields: ARTIST, ALBUM" (no insult intended here, just a random example) which only tells us THAT someone does something but not HOW.
Now, I have written a lot just to point out that a simple question can imply so much.

And in times where the internet reveals more of you than you like I have to come back to my original (and apparently offending but not intended to offend) reply: Why do you want to know what to use MP3tag for (which is not better answered by looking at all the other threads)?

As a note I don't think ya need the probably :slight_smile: The simplest explanation for a topic like this is idle curiosity.

As for an answer, to clean up the mess I have in my MP3 collection, and get it somewhat organized. I downloaded MP3TAG quite a while back, did some stuff, and then got busy. Whith the add-ins for websource, it let's me not only correct tags via disogs, but grab lyrics fairly simply. Previously I had been doing everything MANUALLY in Musicmatch Jukebox