What does Save actually do?

Can anyone tell me all of what Save does?

Help says "This function saves the tag entered in the tag panel to the selected files."

But I have found it also will save Mp3tag's reinterpretation of tag values containing \\ i.e. load a file, Save, and the result is that such values are split into multi-values.

I have previously found new users getting confused by Save, clicking it after edits to the track list, as its position next to the track list implies one should. Having told them that it is only for tag panel input, I now realise I was wrong.

I'd feel more comfortable if I knew the whole story. (None found in Help.)


How is that wrong? It's unnecessary when doing using any of the other means of editing, so only required when using the Tag Panel.

How is that wrong?

Because as I said it also changes tags in at least one other case.

\ is interpreted as multiple-values separator and it's the only special character sequence that I can currently think of.