What does the 'Matches Word' option in the Replace quick action do?

Practically what the title says. Curious what difference it makes yet don't wanna ruin my entire library!

if you want to replace e.g. an "and " with "&" like in "Bobby Bland and his Band" and it should result in "Bobby Bland & his Band" then you set "Matches word" as otherwise you get ""Bobby Bl& & his B&"


Ah that makes sense, thank you!

What about if trying to change delimiters? Say from colon to semicolon.
Do I need to select 'Matches Word' for that?

You can leave that unchecked in the case of a simple character replacement.

Good to know.

So 'Matches Word' is akin to using quotation in filters/search?

Because there you would get tracks with "Band" even if you used "and" - you would have to use " and " to make it a word. Of course, you can also replace the search term space-and-space with the ampersand (as in the example) - but then you don't have to select "Matches word".

I'm sorry, may you please reiterate? I don't understand what I just read.

If you enter
%artist% HAS "and"
you still get all the files with Band or Bland, Island, Anderson, 2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet and so on - the quotation marks would not make any difference.
If you enter
%artist% HAS " and "
Then you get only those that contain the term space-and-space which means from the above list only
2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet
Like that you defined a word in the filter.
In the replace action you don't have to add the space characters if you tick "match word" as this option then takes all characters into account that define the start or the end of a word like space and punctuation.
If you enter several words as search term like you did in your example then the term and you set the option for match words then the search term is only replaced if a word limit is found at the beginning and the end of a match in the searched data.

But all this you could have found out by yourself.
I am pretty sure that you have already used a search function, e.g. in the browser or a text editor which features the same options.

This is the sort of search I need to do in iTunes/Music too, except with colons like ; and also `and;. But I found just quoting "and" suffices in mp3tag.

That's making sense, thank you. So if I don't tick 'Matches Word' then Kick-Clap/Snare could match with "synth; Hello-Kick-Clap/Snare" or "Kick-Clap/Snaresss; synth" or "synth; Hello Kick-Clap/Snare".

It's kinda find-replacing single character at a time?