What format is "FLAC tag" written as ?


All my FLAC files have been tagged with mp3tag over the years. When loading them in mp3tag, older files are reported as having tag: "FLAC (FLAC ID3v2)" whereas newer files - tagged with a newer version of mp3tag - are reported as having tag: "FLAC (FLAC)".

Only the tags of the older files are read correctly when subsequently loaded in Audition CS6.

In the settings I have always used the same settings for reading/writing/removing tags. There is no specific settings for the FLAC (FLAC) tag format either. I write only ID3v1 and ID3v2. Different UTF or ISO version have no effect on tags being picked up in Audition.

Mp3tag seems unable to write tags any longer that are understood by Audition CS6.

What is this strange FLAC-tag that is written even though I specify in settings that I want to write ID3? Is there a work-around to get them to be understood by Audition?

Mp3Tag tags Flac-files automatically with the vorbis comment format which is right regardless of the selection in options/tags. The tag-type is shown as "FLAC".
If your older files show "FLAC ID3v2" there are additional ID3v2-Tags too, which is not meant to be.
Because MP3Tag does not write ID3v2 to Flacs these tags have probably been written with another software, maybe during ecoding.

The content of ID3v2-tags in Flacs is not shown in MP3Tag.
So the content you see in Mp3Tag is that of the FLAC-Tags.

If you want to get content of the ID3v2-tags written to the FLAC-tags you have to use cut & paste.

I understand.