What happened from 245 to latest release?

I was using 245 and It was working well, for some silly reason, I updated to 246a and It all fell apart. system Win7 64bit

Error now are

  1. No drag&drop (seen FAQ and no working solution there)
  2. Folder select don't work as it used to. now I always have to click up to folder
  3. Tag Sources
    Error connecting to server: http://webservices.amazon.com

Bad Request (400)
this is both with amazon.de and same error with cover art

freedb looks to be working.

I have missplaced my 245 version and only options are 239 or 246a and 246b, none of which work.
232 is too old for function I was using, There is No valid link to 245.

I keep all recent versions for just such occasions, so have 2.45 through 2.45d. If Florian OKs it I can place 2.45d somewhere where you can download it.

You can get it from http://download.mp3tag.de/versions/mp3tagv245setup.exe

1 and 3 are working fine to me in 2.46a under win7 64 ultimate.
Well, drag and drop some times doesn't work, but mainly it does.
About tag sources, it should be a connection problem.

Thanks for Info, error 3. was down to a connection problem amazon site not loading, this is now working.

I tried installing version 2.45 as posted, but there must be a registry issue as I can't get Mp3tag to work as before.
I could not have Mp3tag remember folders, I have to start down the path.
hard to explain but if I start C:\path\music\Albums I get all the tracks in the album folders merged into one album. in path I have to drop back to music, then up one level and then album.
I can't drop back one level.
maybe I need to reinstall windows, but if so I will leave it a few weeks.