What Happened (Moreover) where's my Tag Info?

I have several albums (Folders) where the meta data no longer showing or hidden in MP3 Tag Editor. The information is still embeded in the files, but will not show in the Editor.

There seems to be no logic as to which folders are impacted. Not sure how long this has been going on.

See samples attached.

Sample 1.. shows meta data in MP3 Tag Editor

Another folder shows only the file name... all data is invisible / hidden

However, the data is still visible in a Media Info Viwer.

Any ideas

Please show us which tag types are present in the file.
Which tag type is currently read with Mp3tag?
Which tag-type is currently written with Mp3tag?


I think i found the issue. A[[arently in previous formating I was reading/ writing APE.... those were the files i could not see... So far the issue has been resolved for the few files I've found.


Deleted - Had the same problem but found the solution.

If you have the same problem then it should be easy to apply the same solution.
So: what are the settings as DetlevD wrote in post #2?
What happens if you disable to read APE?

see e.g. here: /t/4597/1