What I dont Like

Dear MP3Tag Developer,
What I miss is a clear Tagging of Tracks,Disk and Artists
Its never clear with MP3Tagger, The Tagger is a Tool for a long Time, sometimes you use the
Tagger just once in a half year.

if you look at ITunes Tagging Info ( just to make it clear )
You have Track of Tracks
You have Disk of Disks
Its also never clear for me what is the right Delimiter for Artists is it ';' or '/' it should be compatible with the most players.


Is this a problem of Mp3tag or of the player?
How do you define "most players"?
E.g. Windows Media Player uses ; to create multiple entries for ARTIST and COMPOSER. iTunes plainly ignores any splits.
So you would have to do some research to find the optimum standard. MP3tag will help you to keep it.

You should not mix the display and the internal format. To get track of tracks, the format as laid down in the standard is x/y. iTunes splits this data which may be nicer to look at (depending on taste) but still writes it back as what you see in MP3tag. The same applies to DISCNUMBER.
You can do that yourself in defining separate columns or fields that either show the left or the right bits of TRACK.

What you are looking at is the individual implementations in each player. If you do not like that, you should approach the developers of the various player. And you should not blame the messenger, MP3tag.

Sorry the Delimiter is depended from the Tagger, the Tagger has to made a Zero (null byte)
for multiple Values in the File! see ID3Tag. Have I to analyze the Files now?

Most Players should bee VLC, Media Player and ITunes but there are still many other good Players
for Window. I still look for a Player who show me InvolvedPeople.

To create multi-value field use \\
This inserts the binary zero.
I have never seen more than the first artist in iTunes or Windows Media Player if you look at the track listing.
If you use the ; in WMP (and in MP3tag), you get a list of individual artists in the artists list but also all artists if you look at the individual track in the track listing.

MP3tag, again, supports both approaches.