What is filetype *.tex?

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My first post is a question. Thnaks in advance for your support and help.

I'm tring to use the Export Configuration Archives LaTex by Osmo. You can download the config files at

It works properly, but I don't know what to do with the product. How should one handle the files with filetype *.tex?.

Here a copy of the first line in the export configuration, aka *.mte:

$filename(%artist% - %album% - covers.tex)



Wie gewohnt sende auch ich den ersten Post in Form einer Frage. Schon mal vielen Dank für eure konstruktiven Hinweise.

Ich bin überfragt, was die Export Configuration Archives LaTex by Osmo betrifft. Finden kann mensch die Archives auf

Wer weiss, wie dass Produkt geöffnet werden kann. Was braucht es fürs Handling von Dateinen mit filetype *.tex?

Hier eine Kopie aus der ersten Zeile der export configuration, aka *.mte:

$filename(%artist% - %album% - covers.tex)

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Do you know what LaTex is?

Hi dano

Thanks for your reply. I didn't know LaTex as filetype so far, but I'm quite facinated by the idea. Combined with a Ghostscript/Ghostview, this is a very good solution to make pdf documents via xml feeds over different platforms. This is about the way the examples (next to download link) have been created.

Your reply was all I needed. I've been googling, but didn't find anything that brought me further on. thanks again for your help and greets.


a bit late, but perhaps interesting to other users: if you don't have MiKTeX or another laTeX-distrubution installed, you can compile the covers online here:
online latex compiler
Copy the exported tex-file and paste it in the editor-window
Switch to "output format" PDF
Press [compile]
download the pdf-file :book:

Because the original cosmo export file does not work right for me (wrong size, does not fit in the jewel-box), I've changed some numbers for the size (*.mte see below). Hope it would be helpfull for anyone ...

Greetings, G. S.

latex_grischa_backcover.mte (3.65 KB)

latex_grischa_backcover_va.mte (3.45 KB)