What is grouping and how to sort by artist

Hello. Im new to the mp3tag community however I had a question about the grouping tag. What does it do??
Also is there a way that I can edit my songs so that when it's on my phone it orders them by artist, not by name??
Thank You

see here:

I don't know what what you mean by

Is that the filename?
You would have to fill the tag fields to get the best sorting.
Usually, the fields ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, lead to good results. Some players also like GENRE as criterion.

thank you.
for the name thing. whenever i move my albums from my computer to my phone, in my music app it orders the songs by song title (ex: airway, apple, brother, cheese).
However I want it to order the songs by the artists, not by the title. Is there a way to do that??

Have you filled the tag fields for ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE?

And then it is a question of the player's features which are beyond the control of MP3tag.
But in general: a player can only sort/group files according to existing metadata. The filename is usually not enough.

Yes I have, im thinking now that maybe my music app can only sort songs in an album by title and not by artist

If you are not satisfied with your player, then you could perhaps try foobar as player.

what is foobar?? (this extra stuff is so my post is 20 characters long)

foobar is a player app.

Kk. Thank You. I appreciate your help with this.

What kind of phone are you using? Typically the default music player apps the include are rather basic in nature. There are plenty of free and premium (paid-for) apps on both the Apple and Google patforms.

I have shared some of my personal experience details in the off-topic section. Feel free to browse and consider one of these alternatives that work better than most of the basic players.



Just saw this now. Thank You! (im using an iPhone)

Foobar2000 is free (for now) and functional but limited. Neutron has a steep learning curve. BTR AMP is my daily use player on iPhone and is regularly updated and improved with new features.

Kk, thx, I appreciate it :pray:t5:

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