Android Media Players

There are many players on the Android platform, but almost all use the base Android APIs and media library that limits their functionality and performance that don’t make them much different than the stock player other than cosmetically.

One player app that breaks from this trend and I have been using for some time is GoneMAD. It builds its’ own database library, and key to me is that it supports the use of sort tags for Album, Artist, AlbumArtist, and Composer. It also supports multi artist and genre fields. And a huge plus is the metadata displayed in each library browser list and the Now Playing window are fully customizable as well.

For anyone that wants to try a different Android player that has a very customizable interface, GoneMAD is on sale thru July 25,2022 for just $0.99 US. There is a free trial, but it is worth getting the unlocker now at this price!

I am in no way affiliated with this app or developer other than as a user. These observations and opinions are simply my own.

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I'm in love with Musicolet. It's simple to use, yet powerful. The "Queues" feature is a killer. It's free, and actively supported by the developer.

And best of all, it has -zero- Internet access. The developer wrote it so it wouldn't use/need any online access. Doesn't have permission to go online, nor the code to do it.

MediaMonkey for android. Unfold it's full potential when synced with an MediaMonkey for Windows, that organises and shares your media tracks.

When it comes to a player that strives to be as true to the source as can be, it is tough to find one that stands taller than Neutron Music Player. The app works on Android, IOS, and even Windows platforms with a consistent look and feel. For any of us that are working across any or all of these platforms, this may be the only one that bridges them all.

While the UI may be a bit dated, it is fully functional with plenty of customizing opportunities. The Now Playing screen shows the standard fare with large album art, the song title, and artist. And of course there are the expected controls for play/pause, track up/down, and some user-definable quick access buttons that can directly access library menus, EQ, settings, etc. The library browser is pretty complete and also offers many ways to find the perfect track for right now. One area that is lacking is in the Artist list, where you are forced to choose between all Artists, or AlbumArtists - but not both.

The audio engine itself is pretty darn impressive. The big key is the "no resampling" option on devices with DACs that support a range of bit depth and sample rates. It uses a custom engine built from the ground up just for music playback. But just about every option for tuning is available for adjustment, from configurable graphic and parametric EQ's to tempo, compression, and more. If you have to tweak, this is your app.

Just be prepared to spend some time on the learning curve. This is a highly technically app with more bells and whistles than you can imagine. It is not designed for simplicity. But if you have external equipment like a headphone amplifier, or high end audio system with USB or digital inputs, this is one app to consider.

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