What is TAK and should I care?

What is TAK and what capabilities do I surrender by upgrading to the 64-bit version? We use Mp3tag to add textual metadata to .flac files and occasionally to add missing album cover (.jpg) artwork.

TAK is another file format for converting audio into lossless digital media. If you aren't already using it now, it won't change how you use mp3tag. If most of your library consists of TAK format audio, you will want to stay with the 32-bit version of mp3tag until the 64-bit dll is available and gets incorporated into a future version.

The other question would be: is the collection so large that loading it exceeds the 32-bit-memory boundary.
If you treat just a couple of thousand files at the same time, you can probably run the 32-bit-version.

Thank you for the quick response. Since we normally only deal with one or a few albums at once, I think we'll stick with the 32-bit version for now.

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