What is the best equivalent of Mp3tag for .wav files?

.wav files can also have tags and if they do - Nero Burning Rom for example will use tags instead of .wav file names.

What is the best freeware program to edit .wav file tags?

Hopefully it will be Mp3tag. Some day.

i've done wav edits with "audacity" but don't have a lot of exp with it.

Not a program which edits each file. A program which removes tags from a 100 files at once, just like mp3tag only for .wav files.

Hmm, only removing is needed?

LAME.EXE --decode "File with RIFF Info.WAV" "File without RIFF Info.WAV"


just in case you didn't see this thread:


i am pretty sure that if you use mp3tag to edit a FLAC that has an id3 tag in it, when you save your edit it will remove the id3 tag from the FLAC. this is because its basically considered a hack to put id3 tags in FLACs, and my understanding is that thats also true of putting them in wavs.

i don't know to what extent, if at all, mp3tag will support editing wavs, and/or removing id3 tags from them like it does for FLACs, but i suppose you could experiment.

i think my solution would be to convert the wavs to FLAC, (which should strip out any id3 stuff), and then tag the new FLACs with native FLAC/vorbis tags. (and you could convert back to wav, if you really wanted the files as wav)

I highly suggest that you convert the WAV files to MP3, (see my post in the thread at /t/7326/1

i posted that link as well. he could convert to mp3, but thats lossy. wav to FLAC would be lossless, (i'm assuming he wants to stay lossless. if not, mp3 would be my lossy choice).