What is the best music player for Android devices?

I got a personal message about that. But I would like to start a discussion about that to hear about other solutions.

I'm also using a Galaxy S2. Jukefox does NOT support the ALBUMARTIST field. But it supports COMPILATION and writes "Various Artists" for all compilations.

I'm still using it, but mainly because I a differnt feature of it. It creates a map of your music, where similar albums are grouped together. I don't know how it does it, maybe via last.fm or by reading the genre tags. But it works pretty good and gives me surprisingly interesting playlists of my own music.
The down-points of Jukefox are:

  • it has no equalizer.
  • it does not support viewing your libraries via folders.
  • if you have different volumes of a compilation series, where every volume has the same name and only a different ALBUMARTIST (like DJ-Kicks of Late Night Tales), they are grouped together into one album, no matter if you store it in different folders or not.

The second point is essential for my workaround for the ALBUMARTIST problem. I have now re-arranged my music on the Galaxy S2. Every album is now in it's own folder which is always named: "%albumartist% - %album% (%year%)". So my folderstructure is now sorted per ALBUMARTIST. "%albumartist%\%album% (%year%)" would have been another option. I have only two additional music folders, one for single tracks, and one for long dj-sets in one file.
I did this via foobar, which allows me to copy directories out of the media library onto any device. But you can also do it via Mp3tag. But there you have to do it in two steps. First copy the music to the S2 with any other software, than rename the folders with Mp3tag.
I now mainly use the PlayerPro Music Player, which is not free after the 7 days trial. But you can also use the built-in music player to use your folder structure.
I mainly use the PlayerPro Music Player now because of two other down-points of the built-in player:

  • the built-in player seams to have a little bug with reading album covers. many of them are displayed with optic distortions or not displayed at all.
  • the built-in player add ca. 1 second of silence between the tracks. that's really annoying if you have dj-mixes which are splitted into different files for each track.

The down points of PlayerPro Music Player:

  • it's not free

We could also use this topic as a way to track what apps support the ALBUMARTIST field to help other Android users. n-points of Jukefox too to helo. For example:

App: PowerAMP Music Player
Version: (unknown)
Release date: 2011-12-10
Supports COMPILATION work-around?: No

App: Jukefox
Version: (unknown)
Release date: 2011-11-14
Supports COMPILATION work-around?: Yes