What is the best way to copy, for example, the Codec field, into the Title and/or File Name?

What is the best way to copy, for example, the Codec field, into the Title and/or File Name?

i have had a bit of a look and play with this; but MP3Tag has just sooooo many parameters and variables that can be used it becomes totally confusing for this little black duck!

so what is the easiest way to achieve this? what would the Convert or Action syntax be?

[especially say if i wanted only a certain no of chars - but that is not important as i have an extremely powerful file renamer (Bulk Rename Utility - highly recommeded) that can do that for me easily]

Could you be a bit more specific?
As the TITLE is not the _FILENAME.
The TITLE is embedded metadata, the _FILENAME is a property for the OS to identify a file - and has the only requirement to be unique.

I would not add any technical information to TITLE as that information should be displayed by the player anyway and therefore it will be redundant data.
Isn't the codec implied by the file extension?

Anyway: you find the list of variables to address tag fields and other properties in the documentation:

%_codec% would be the on for the codec.

If you want specific help for a pattern, then please tell us what that should look like and which tag fields are filled so that their contents can be referenced.

ok. ty.
yes. prob not need in Title.
as for the file ext/type, as i understand it, the Codec exact as the ext is more generic and does not identify the exact codec
so i could give the var you mention above a try and see how i go


An MP3 in my collection says "MPEG 1 Layer III" - does that help?

If there is information in the file it says even more, i.e.:
MPEG 1 Layer III (Lame3.99r)

My definition for the column is %_codec%[ (%_tool%)]

what on earth is "_tool"?

PS what result does that give?

This getting a little annoying as the information about _TOOL has already been linked for you in

I sincerely ask you to read that information.

If you have specific questions then please tell us what you have done so far, what you expected and what the result really showed.

From the example that @poster provided in their post

So the codec is MPEG 1 Layer III and the tool (i.e. the encoder software) is Lame3.99r

Not all files have these details though, depending on what was used for the original.

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