What is the correct tag for Label?

Hi there, i would like to add the "Label" tag to my panel list but cant find a corresponding tag for this in the drop down?


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Spot on! and fast reply as well, just brilliant support as always. You right, DJ software tends to use the the tag "Label" So i just made a custom tag Publisher > Label ... and it works a treat!

Many thanks.

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Hey prodjtheo. If you are referring to the Label Tag in Traktor Pro 3, the corresponding tag in the .mp3 file is absolutely PUBLISHER.

Unfortunately, Publisher doesn't show up/isn't used in iTunes, so, if you'd planned to use the Label Tag as a free text field in Traktor, and have Smart Playlists in iTunes build from that free text, that won't work...

Traktor's own Smartlists CAN look at the Label Tag, though. Just make sure you have "Write All Tags To Files" enabled in Traktor's preferences at the File Management section. If you don't check that, then, Traktor will record the info that you type in the Label Tag, but ONLY in the Traktor Collection file, and not the actual .mp3 file itself.

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