What is the Easiest Way to Embed Album Art Into MP3 Files?

Basically, I just had an in-dash DVD Player installed in my car that will play MP3 files from SD Cards. I did a test with 2 MP3 files (already had Album Art embedded), and the DVD Player shows the Album Art on the screen, which is what I am wanting. Unfortunately, I have 100s of MP3s that do not have the Album Art embedded. I downloaded Album Art Downloader to find the Album Art and Mp3tag for embedding the Album Art. Here are the directions that I have:

1. Open Album Art Downloader
2. File > New > File Browser...
3. Enter path to music directory under "Search for audio files in:"
4. Click Search
5. Click Options...
6. Click "Automatically download and save the first result that meets set criteria"
7. Click "Select all albums with missing artwork"
8. Click "Get Artwork for Selection..."
9. Click "Download and save results automatically"
10. If desired, change minimum required image size to 300 px and allowed cover types to Front
11. Click Start

  1. Open MP3Tag
  2. Actions > Actions (Quick) > "Import cover from file" > OK
  3. Format string for image filename: Folder.jpg

Album Art Downloader does a great job of finding the Album Art, but I am having a problem with Mp3tag. Step 14 above says to 'Format string for image filename: Folder.jpg', but it doesn't work. It actually embeds the Album Art from a previous Album. I am assuming this is because EVERY album would be named the same (Folder.jpg), correct? Is there a way to set it up so that it embeds the correct Album Art? It seems like these two programs could do what I am wanting, but I just don't know how to set everything up. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

On a side note, I have several MP3 files that DO NOT have Album titles. They either say 'Album', or 'Unknown Album'. Is there a program that will automatically edit the Album names by using the song titles? I am sure this isn't possible, but thought I would ask.

You may want to check if you have set a folder for the pictures.
See Tools>Options>Folders>Folder for album art.
If that shows a string constant or nothing, you may want to enter
for a relative path to a album art file.

I see Tools>Options, but I don't see Folders. Under Options, it shows General, Messages, Directories, Tags, Tag Sources, Tag Panel, Genres, Playlist, Export, Tools, Networking, Language and Updates. Album Art Downloader is downloading the images, but they are all saving to the same folder, under the same filename (Folder.jpg). So, I assume the new file keeps overwriting the old file, resulting in only one .jpg in the folder. Can I change it to where each Album Art is saved as something different? Such as image1, image2, etc. Because, every .jpg that is being downloaded is being saved as the same exact file. For instance, in Album Art Downloader, under the column 'Artwork Status', EVERY single file is showing the same thing - Found: Folder.jpg Thanks!

In AAD you can set a folder with variables like
You find this by clicking on the "Options" string below the search parameters.

In MP3tag use the options for "Directories".

I am very new to this. Could I use the exact variable that you posted, and just change the drive letter to what I use? Would that work? Basically, what would be the exact string I would need to add and what options would I use in "Directories"? I have been manually saving each .jpg that AAD downloads as Folder1.jpg, Folder2.jpg, etc.? That way each .jpg will be a different file and won't overwrite each time. It looks like I am just going to have to do everything manually. Thanks for your help.

This is the MP3tag forums that deals with the features of the program MP3tag.
I would say that right now is the time for you to read the AAD documentation and see how the functions of AAD fit into your workflow.
I am sure that AAD has its own support pages.
Or perhaps some else from this forum steps in.
I am out now.

I have been using a combination of Album Art Downloader, Mp3tag, and MediaMonkey. I think I have figured out how to do what I wanted. Thanks for all the help.

I think your problem is that you seem not to search for album-tracks that reside in an album folder but for single files residing all together in not album related folders.
folder.jpg means that this is meant to be a picture that is shown in windows for a folder, if you activate this special view.

I just use Mp3Tag and AlbumartDownloader just the other way round:
I start AlbumartDownloader with the tools from Mp3Tag and search only for covers for albums and would never try to do this automatically because i want an accurate result and not "just a picture".

For your purpose I would suggest that you tell AlbumArtdownloader to save all your found covers to 1 folder and name the covers after artist and album:
In the filebrowser of Albumartdownloader enter
C:\myAADcovers\%artist% - %album%.%extension%
in "Options => Specify path to find images".
(C:\myAADCovers is just an example for a folder you specify)

Second step would be to import these covers with mp3tag to embed them in the files. So you have to define an action and tell Mp3tag to look for files with the filenames %artist% - %album%.%extension%:

Type: Import covers from file
Format string: C:\myAADcovers\%artist% - %album%.*
Import Cover as: Front Cover