What is the "proper" way to tag Singles?

I mean per example i have the same single but is Cd1 and Cd2.

i usually use the single name for both, but it does not seem good. I know it depends of the software, what do you guys use? there are so many "proper" way on the internet.

I typically use the same methods for singles as full album releases. Just use the correct title, track, and disc info. If they are truly a single, I set the Album to be the same as the Title.

Are these 2 CD examples from the same release? If so make sure you tag them as Disc 1, Disc 2, and TotalDiscs 2. The track numbers should also be done appropriately.

Is there supposed to be a space in the second title? I noticed this in your example.


"The Beautiful South" as artist seems to have many different type of Singles with the albumname "36D":

If you need to differentiate between it I suggest to write it as additional information to the albumname, like
36D ‎(2xCD, Single)
36D ‎(CD, Single, CD1)
36D ‎(CD, Single, CD2)

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Its the same way i like to tag them. I use in Totaldiscs 1/2.
The space is an error.

This is also a good way, i think it depends what you like and the software you use, there is no correct answer.

If you prefer a more technical way, you could also fill the id3 frame "TMED" (called "MEDIATYPE" in Mp3tag) with useful text informations.

Just search for TMED on d3v2.3.0 - ID3.org for examples.

I'm not sure if many players will read this tag and display it.

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I myself stumble upon this rarely in regards to scores from movies. As an example can serve the notorious case of music from the first Blade Runner: Release group “Blade Runner” by Vangelis - MusicBrainz. Just take a look people, how they are distinguished - maybe that will give you @Romano some ideas

But nevertheless it is important to know and save the company[s] and it[s] ID numbers. Because then [or in future] you yourself can derive from them your own individual sub-names of albums and singles [using some sort of brackets or any kind of special indicator]