What tags versions are inside MP3


I had a problem that my LMS shows for different albums from same series in audio books different Interprets. Will explain it in more details.

I use LMS that have the capability to use different Album Artists in one field. If I split the entry with an ";", LMS sort and show it with two artists. As an example, the series Space Troopers have as Album Artists "P. E. Jones;Space Troopers;Uve Teschner" With that I can search for each entry.

But this doesn't work with all files. Some files don't show it in LMS. I find out that these files having different Tag versions like APE, APEv2; id3v2 ans so on. Its not so easy to see in MP3Tag which tag is set or exists inside file. I need to use a different Tag Scanner to saw that.

In MP3Tag shows each tag o.k.

After deleting the APE tag and writing the tags new, everything works fine.

To make it easier it will be fine if its possible to see the different tag versions that exists inside the file.

Or is this feature available and I don't know how to see it?

Use %_tag% in the column.


Set up the removal of the ape tags in the preferences and what you what to save also and get into the habit of
Ctrl A
Ctrl R
Ctrl S

This selects all items, removes them ape tags and resaves them with the ones you set in the preferences.

Works great. Many thanks. Life can be so easy.