What will I put in DISCNUMBER?

Hi I just want to ask if the Album have only one disc what will i put? number 1? or leave it blank?

Do as you like.
The problem with data bases (and in some way a collection of tagged files is some kind of data base) is that missing data does not tell the story:
Did I leave out this piece of information deliberately?
Have I not yet treated the file and I still have to look for the correct data?

In the long run, the deliberately left out data will clog the view on those files that really should be treated.
So if you intend to use DISCNUMBER, then fill it with 1/1 for single media sets.


That is completely up to you.
I keep the discnumber-field empty and otherwise take 1/2, 2/2.
I personally think you should not only take 1 because yo you never will know how many disks belong to a set. It should be 1/1.


Okay thanks man for your time, have a great day.

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