What's "Music category description" in WMP?

Just wondering about this tag and I use WMP. I have edited this tag for an album. How can I see the changes in WMP?

Sorry, had to rewrite that:
It is "Subgenre".

So if I edit Content Group in mp3tag, Subgenre in WMP will change?
Because I just did that and I don't see any change

But that is a problem of WMP, isn't it?
It takes some time until WMP recognizes changes - provided, the file is in the list of watched folders.
You can speed it up if you delete the file from the WMP library only, then use Extras>Enhanced>Restore deleted items
This forces WMP to reread the file.
See also

I am 99.9% sure it's not WMP. WMP is slow by like a few seconds for me - for any change I make.

But in this case there is no change in sub genre. Can I send you the file so you can take a look?

If you want to ... You can send me a PM. Or a link to a file hoster

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