Genre tag not recognized

I often notice that when i change the "Genre" tag with mp3tag it is not recognized by WMP (version 12 on Windows 10). And also vice versa they are not in synch.
What is the reason for this ?
Kind regards

What is your configuration of WMP like e.g. in respect to watched folders?
How do you force WMP to read files again? Do you delete them and then restore them?
Do you know whether WMP actually saves modifications to the tags in the files or does WMP simply save the new data in its database?

Hello, many questions :slight_smile:
All my music files are in a single folder (a bit organized with subfolders). If i modify a tag with mp3tag i simple say "save tags" (i'm using the dutch version, so i assume that is how it looks in the english version) and when i reopen wmp, it dows not show the update.
I'm not that familiar with the internals of wmp, but is there a difference with tags in the file itself and the database ?

Yup - as soon as you have read the file already with WMP.
Then WMP has to get the trigger to re-read that file.
One way is to delete this file from the WMP database/library only (press Delete key and answer the subsequent dialogue). Then open the Menu Extras>Enhanced>Restore deleted items
(This menu also has: Restore database - don't use that)
Then see whether WMP adopts the new genre.

This worked :slight_smile: although it is a bit cumbersome. BTW, i played a bit with changing the tag, and sometimes it is recognized by wmp automatically. anyhow, in cases where it does not work, i will follow your suggestion

Depending on your OS, you can use a process explorer to watch WMP's internals and see which folder it is currently updating.
Also take care that you music folder is member of WMP's watched folders - perhaps you have to add it to the library.

That this is not the most elegant way - no question. Yet, it is a WMP problem, not an MP3tag one.